• アーティスト・イン・レジデンスとは、様々な分野のアーティスト自身が普段の制作現場から離れ、一定期間ある土地に滞在し、そこで得た経験やインスピレーションを元に制作をするプロジェクト
  • M1997 Open Hours: Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 11:30 ‒ 17:00
  • 1997, Matogata Matogata-cho Himeji Hyogo Japanmap

Overlooking the Setouchi inland sea, our gallery is located in Matogata.
In parallel to our core Artist-in-residence* program, we hold a succession of exhibitions featuring both Japanese and international artists. Open all year long, we also present in our shop a selection of art pieces and manufactured products.
By inspiring the artists themselves, and by continuing to work with them, M1997 aims to become a place for the transmission of new culture in Japan.

  • Artist-in-residence programs invite artists from different practices to stay in a designated location for a period of time, away from their usual setting, to create works based on their experiences and inspirations.

姫路 的形 photo1

姫路 的形 photo2

姫路 的形 photo6

姫路 的形 photo3

姫路 的形 photo4

姫路 的形 photo5

Photo by Tomohiro Mazawa


的形は兵庫県南部に位置する瀬戶内に面した小さな港町。明治期に塩田で栄えた場所であることから、都市景観 重要建築物の家屋を含む旧家が建ち並ぶ。また、日本に唯一現存する和船造船所があり、当時の趣が現在も残されています。
この的形 1997 地区に明治から構える屋敷(旧植田邸)を改修し、現在は M1997 として活動しています。

Matogata is a small port town facing the Setouchi inland sea in south Hyogo Prefecture.
Formerly a prosperous salt farm in the Meiji period (1868-1912), the area is lined with old houses, including some that have been designated Important Buildings of Urban Landscape in 2003. It is also home to Japan's only surviving Japanese shipyard, which still preserves its original atmosphere.
M1997 is established in a traditional mansion, the former Ueda residence dating back to the Meiji period, and now renovated into the artistic residence and gallery we know.