Alexandra Mocanu|アレクサンドラ・モカニュ

Solo exhibition

Sunday, April 25 - Sunday July 25, 2021

フランス・パリを拠点にするAlexandra Mocanuにとって初めてのアーティスト・イン・レジデンス。2020年から猛威を奮い続けているコロナウィルスの影響で、本来であれば同年4月に開催を予定していた展覧会を延期し、1年越しの開催となった。





  • Alexandra Mocanu Solo exhibition
  • Date 2021.04.25 ‒ 07.25
  • Open Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • Hours 11:30 ‒ 17:00

Solo show of our first artist-in-residence Alexandra Mocanu, multidisciplinary artist based in Paris, France.

Following the conclusion of her stay at M1997 in the spring of 2020, an exhibition was to close her two-month artistic residency. Unfortunately, due to the impact of the global pandemic that has been raging since the beginning of 2020, this exhibition will only take place one year later.
At the start of her residency at M1997, France went into lockdown, and soon after, Japan declared a state of emergency. Plans were made for her to return to France to her family but one flight after another was cancelled. We decided to welcome her for a longer period of time transforming this residence into a somewhat singular experience.

Matogata is dominated by the sea and mountains, her talented eye captured the scenery we know from her own point of view and showed us through her photographs a new, singular and very beautiful depiction.
So far, Alexandra's photographs mainly focus on subjects such as architectural details encountered during Parisian and Tokyoite peregrinations. Therefore, finding herself in an essentially natural context like Matogata has been a real challenge for her. Even in such a situation, she kept her character and exhibited works from her own perspective.

To complete her photographic approach, Alexandra started an embroidery during her residency, inspired by the lights and colours of spring in Matogata. Usually, she weaves on a loom based on her drawings she previously created, but this time she has embroidered them entirely by hand, using hundreds of colours of thread sourced in Japan to create a magnificent gradation. The reverse side of the work, not typically shown, reveals more of the intricate and meticulous work as well as her emotions.

Along with her photographic artworks, this piece will be exhibited especially for the occasion, as a souvenir of spring 2020.